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Dianna Rowinski

Dear Joel,

I have gotten to know some of the Drexel Team so well…I felt comfortable in even calling the President by his first name. During a time when everyone seems to be overwhelmed with work and personal obligations, it was important for me to let you know my experience with a few of your team members.

My husband and I just moved into our new Victory home after about 8 months of construction. Victory did a great job, with the help of great people like the Drexel Team. Our new home is beautiful. We’re 63 years old and they worked with us to design and build a ranch. There were a lot of items I had to arrange with Drexel and had not done business there for quite sometime. I WAS AMAZED! Joel, there are no words to express my sincere appreciation to the three in-house people I worked with in Brookfield; Laura Hahn, Shawn Connell and Jess Birschbach.

Laura helped me select cabinets. I was afraid and I do not have very good decorating skills. She helped me tremendously, my kitchen looks beautiful.

Next I met with Jess for tile. This young lady was prepared with samples, she walked me through displays that were in my budget and we looked for areas we could afford to upgrade to. Her suggestions created the most beautiful rooms I could have ever wished for. If I needed to drop by for some help with coordinating other selections, she was there for me and made me feel welcome, comfortable and wanting to help wherever she could.

Then there is Shawn. I love this man. He helped me select carpet. We chose one that would work best for our needs based on his knowledge of the product. We invited Jess in for an opinion on color and this is probably the first time ever that I can say, I LOVE MY CARPET and wouldn’t change a thing about it, about the tile or the cabinets.

Your Drexel contractors are also to be complimented on a job well done. There were a lot of people that came through Drexel and I felt in each case that we were treated special. That’s really how I felt…that we were special to them.

My many, many thanks to you for your leadership and to your Team for their help. I could not have done it without their gracious, professional and experienced assistance. Come visit anytime you’re in the area and see what a beautiful home Drexel helped to build. There’s always a cold beer in our refrigerator!

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