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David and Kathie McKee

My husband and I are building a house with Wolter Brothers so our selections for cabinetry and flooring are with Drexel and I just wanted to drop you a note of praise for your team of people. Its more often than not that customers write or call to complain but not today.

John Klein remained level headed through all of my selections. He never showed anything but courteous and professional though he may have been thinking “make-up-your-ever-loving-mind-lady”. My flip-flops of sizes, choices, pull out shelves, drawers, standard base cabinets – I never would have though cabinetry was going to be as hard as it was and my cabinetry was not that complex. I did remain consistent on the pulls – 1 decision that was easy. haha. I’m pretty sure I made it more difficult than it needed to be with never having built a house, I was trying to envision how things were going to function days and years to come. He was really great, he guided, suggested all the while remained pleasant and helpful as I … flip and then flopped.

Now on to flooring. I worked with Mark Bryan and though this was easier, I did flip flop on a couple of these decisions as well but not to the extent of cabinetry and a final decision on the flooring has yet to be made. We’re leaning toward Rose Hickory. I called one afternoon from our tile selection store looking for Mark to get the name for our vinyl floor selection, for the bathrooms. I had a picture but not the name. My phone was dying and I was trying to make a decision. Mark was not in but I was transferred to a different lady, I don’t recall her name. She gathered my information and what I was looking for. She stated that she would look on Mark’s desk for my file and call me back. She didn’t sound like she was going to get back to me before my phone died. She called me back within 5 minutes saying I heard the rush in your voice and I have your information. I was SO thankful.

I will certainly let Tim at Wolter Brothers know that the 3 very vital selections for open concept homes; cabinetry, flooring and solid surface countertops be with one supplier. Drexel.

Thank you again for being the best; in service, in selections and most importantly in the experience, dedication and professionalism of your people.

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