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Just wanted to send an long overdue note and say Thank You for the Expo day in February. It was a great experience and worth taking a day off of work. (weather was bad anyway !) The sessions were presently nicely and a large amount of useful information was shared. It was a nice change to not have vendors push their products, but instead tell about products, trends and procedures. A nicer feel of no obligation, but the gain in knowledge and understanding.
The meal was wonderful, truly shows the love for the business, industry and all the people involved. It was the first time my wife was able to attend and she was impressed.
Great day. Thanks ! Great atmosphere, Team and Family !

Also wanted to give a huge thanks for the rebate program. We had a great year for business and in turn it helps Drexel year for business. The rebate was a tremendous blessing above all others the year already provided. I was able replace some equipment, purchase some new and have some left for the rainy day fund. This will allow us to do some more custom work in the shop with better and bigger equipment. Thanks! When so many places have removed any incentive Drexel has maintained it. Greatly appreciated!!

We love Drexel and hope to have a long lasting relationship together.

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