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Andrew & Lisa

“Thank you for everything! From beginning to end we are so pleased with the way the flooring turned out. It was wonderful working with you! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us, for listening to us regarding the floor squeaks & for coming up with a solid plan to fix them, and for helping us pick out the flooring itself. We could not be happier!

Nick did a fantastic job on the hard surface areas! I’m glad we were able to meet him and have him work on our project. His attention to detail is phenomenal. He was great!
Mike and Mike are heroes for fixing 95% of our squeaks! We still feel like we are walking into a different house. So nice to not have massive squeaks in some really highly traveled areas. I know this couldn’t have been the most fun project for those guys, but it makes us appreciate the finished product even more. It’s a lot easier to enjoy new carpet that doesn’t make noise!
Mike and Mike also did a great job with the carpet install. It looks wonderful everywhere! They clearly take pride in their work. It’s amazing how much it modernizes the house.
Thanks for setting us up with a great crew. And thanks again for your help.”

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