Aaron Eldred

Aaron Eldred - Operational Team Member- Receiving Specialist

Aaron Seiser

Aaron Seiser - Account Manager

Aaron started at Drexel in June of 2008 after working 6 years in the construction trade doing carpentry. He loves coming to work and is very passionate about what he does. When he is not supplying happiness to Drexel customers, Aaron enjoys traveling with his wife Kelly and their 3 "furry kids". His second passion after the building industry is dogs. He would have 10 dogs if he could, just ask him!

Aaron Triphan

Aaron Triphan - Roofing/Siding/Decking Specialist

Aaron Walsh

Aaron Walsh - Operational Team Member- Receiving Specialist

Aaron Wilcott

Aaron Wilcott

Abby Fisher

Abby Fisher - Commercial Estimator

Adam Koss

Adam Koss - Millwork Specialist

Adam Kramer

Adam Kramer - Account Manager

Meet Adam Kramer - He joined the Berlin team in 2001. His favorite vacation was his honeymoon in Jamaica. Adam has two adorable children. Adam goes the extra mile to work with his customers. He has the voice of an angel and always has a story to share.

Adam Leonzal

Adam Leonzal - Commerical Estimator

Adam Piper

Adam Piper - Door and Millwork Specialist

Adam Vandenberg

Adam Vandenberg - Operational Team Member

"Go for it. No matter how it ends, it was an experience". Huge fan of Harry Potter. Adam loves working on his 1965 Cadillac which he rebuilt himself! Has a background in building Cabinets and working as a mechanic. He's most passionate about music and wants to learn more about conspiracy theories.

Al Milbrath

Al Milbrath - Yard Leader

Al Waldschmidt

Al Waldschmidt - Door and Millwork Specialist

Alana Smith

Alana Smith - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Alex Bailey

Alex Bailey - Operational Team Member

Meet Alex aka "AB" - this guy LOVES Skittles and watching any comedy/scary movie! On the weekends you can find him watching, coaching or even playing sports. He looks forward to traveling more and one day starting a family of his own.

Alex Steiner

Alex Steiner - Siding, Roofing and Decking Specialist

Alex joined Team Blue in 2013, where he began as an Operations Team Member. He now specializes in siding, roofing, and decking. Alex lives in Neenah with his girlfriend Mackenzie and dog Nala. He loves trying new things, like playing volleyball on the Wrightstown summer league with fellow Drexel team members!

Alicia Enright

Alicia Enright - Accounts Payable

Meet Alicia aka Allie- living by the motto, "Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did". She loves the movie Sweet Home Alabama and Lasagna. Summer weekends consist of camping, spending time with her two children Danica and Parker & riding motorcycle. She once drove her motorcycle through the mountains in South Dakota and Wyoming.

Amanda DeRuyter

Amanda DeRuyter - Accounts Receivable

This young lady has an easy going attitude with the motto "what's meant to be -will be!" An avid runner, Amanda loves Baseball (BREWERS)-wisco love, and still appreciates a good musical hit- "hit me baby one more time" (who doesn't love Britney Spears)!?! Just in case your too young to know this reference https://youtu.be/C-u5WLJ9Yk4

Amber Andrastek

Amber Andrastek - Cabinetry Sales & Design Specialist

Amber Joined the Drexel Team just a few months ago after graduating with her Interior Design degree from Mount Mary University. Amber looks forward to using her degree to design beautiful kitchens and essentially put a smile on every one of her customers faces! In her spare time, Amber enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing sand volleyball (Go Blue Steel!), and going to basically any sporting event, especially Cubs games at Wrigley! Go Cubs!

Amber Held

Amber Held - Payroll & Finance Specialist

Meet Amber aka Abadaba- She loves drinkin' chocolate milk and cannot live without meat and potatoes. She loves watching the Packers on Sundays and hanging out at her parents farm on the weekends. Because she is no longer able to see Johnny Cash in concert- next up on her bucket list is vacation to Australia!

Andre Ozols

Andre Ozols - Post Frame & Metal Building Specialist

Andrey Krisher

Andrey Krisher - Window Specialist

Meet Andrey - raised in Russia and living by the motto, "Sometimes you have to risk it for the biscuit". Loves hunting, fishing & his biggest passion : firefighting. His favorite movie is Ladder 49 and favorite meal is Steak & Potatoes!

Andy Amann

Andy Amann - Operational Team Member- Receiving Specialist

Andy has been with Drexel for a whopping 13 years! He enjoys boating and golfing in the summer and helping his rescued pit bull, Bella, get used to a normal home life! Andy's fellow team members have nothing but good things to say about him and he does whatever it takes to help get orders out on time and in full, our Drexel mantra!

Andy Feld

Andy Feld - Yard Leader

When I'm not at Drexel I like spending time with my wife Karen and son Lucas. Another one on the way Sept 2015 - Other than that I am an active member of the Glenbeulah fire department and first responders for about 10 years now. When I'm not working I spend my time training with the fire department, hunting or prepping for for the waterfowl season.

Andy Hughes

Andy Hughes - Merchant

While being passionate about his family and his job, Andy Hughes loves to fish on the weekends; while rocking out to the Rolling Stones. Please join me in welcoming Andy to the Drexel family as a Merchant here at Campbellsport.

Andy Rettler

Andy Rettler - Defensive Coordinator

Austin Dorfner

Austin Dorfner - Operational Team Member

Meet Austin aka Dorf - Living by the motto, "It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about haw hard you can get hit and keep moving forward."-Rocky Balboa. He's passionate about work and loves going to sporting events on the weekends. Austin loves aquatic life and would love to learn more about the creatures in the ocean. Deep sea diving is number one on his bucketlist.

Barb Wolf

Barb Wolf - Flooring Coordinator

Becky Radue

Becky Radue - Cabinetry Sales & Design Specialist

Becky joined the Drexel Team in 2008, but has been in the building industry for over 16 years. She came to Drexel with an interior design degree, and grew up knowing she wanted to be in the field of design. Becky's favorite part of her job is building relationships with each homeowner to make their buying experience extremely enjoyable for them. When not at Drexel, Becky loves spending time with friends and family...most particularly around a campfire or traveling.

Ben Lee

Ben Lee - Door and Millwork Specialist

Living by the motto, "Tough times don't last, tough people do". Ben aka Benny loves a nice steak dinner and playing beach volleyball in the summer at Bradford. One of the most adventurous things Ben has done is move out to Iowa by himself after high school. Next on his bucketlist is to move to Colorado to the mountains. He's most passionate about never settling and always moving forward.

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Ben McCarty

Ben McCarty - Account Manager/ Pole Barn Specialist

Meet Ben McCarty. He grew up dairy farming and it evolved into an interest for the building trades. Tested the waters as a plumber, moved on to being a carpenter for 6 years. That experience in the field has lead him to Drexel Building Supply, where he enjoys connecting our customers with the best building materials and service at a great value.

Ben Plocar

Ben Plocar - Door and Millwork Specialist

Ben Selsing

Ben Selsing - Residential Estimator

Ben is your all around sports guy! When he isn't coaching wrestling, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter out on the lake. His down time consists of watching his favorite show "Last Man Standing" while munchin' on some popcorn!

Beth Pautsch

Beth Pautsch - Vice President Cabinetry Sales

Beth oversees and supports our entire cabinetry team by being their "backup", "mathematician", and "second opinion" when needed. Beth has over 30 years of experience, bringing her extensive product knowledge, sales experience, and leadership ability to all of our locations. Beth finds humor in obscure facts, beauty in pretty rocks, peace in watching soaring birds, comfort in warm soup, joy in vacations, and love in family.

Bob Dabringer

Bob Dabringer - Flooring Design & Sales Specialist

Meet Bob aka "Butch" Loves fishin' and snackin' on caramel corn. He's most passionate about maintaining his home and his family. Vacationing to a Caribbean Island is on his bucket list.

Bob Gonzalez

Bob Gonzalez - Sales Coordinator

Bob Westphal

Bob Westphal - Deck, Garage & Customer Service Specialist

Bob enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his wife of 33 years, Susi, and their three sons. A fun fact about Bob is that in high school Bob played drums in a country band.

Bobby Thelen

Bobby Thelen - Flooring Installer

Brad Carney

Brad Carney - Pole Barn Specialist

This guy loves his wife, two children and a good cheese burger while spending time at his land up north. Brad loves camping and enjoying the outdoors as much as he can. He's always wanted to travel to Alaska!

Brad Groebner

Brad Groebner - Account Manager

Brad was born and raised in Minnesota, but traveled east to attend college at Riverfalls. He then moved to Appleton to chase his now wife of 21 years Candice. They have a beautiful 17 year old daughter, Emily. Brad enjoys downhill and cross country skiing, along with canoeing.

Brad Lisowe

Brad Lisowe - Operational Team Member

Aka "Bradley Cooper" - Lives by the motto, "It is what it is". Brad loves the movie Tommy Boy and working on his farm. He is most passionate about his family. The biggest impact on his life has been his brothers/sisters who he has served with in the Navy!

Brad Pick

Brad Pick - Flooring Sales/Installer

Meet Brad- a true Green Bay Packer fan! He can't live without his family and enjoys spending time with them over the weekends. He has always wanted to visit Puerto Virata and live in a cottage Up North.

Brad Schekirke

Brad Schekirke - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Brad Thornton

Brad Thornton - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Bradey Frank

Bradey Frank - Commercial Projects Coordinator

Brendan Biller

Brendan Biller - Operational Team Member

Brent Zimmer

Brent Zimmer - Account Manager

Brent aka BZ - is married with 3 wonderfully, crazy boys! He is very passionate about pleasing others and is always wearing his heart on his sleeve. BZ enjoys watching his kids grow up, anything comedy related and meeting new people!

Brett Kempf

Brett Kempf - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Meet Brett aka Shrimpy- Living by the motto, "Go Big or Go Home". He loves anything outdoors especially hunting and fishing. He is most passionate about his family and his wife who has had the biggest impact on his life. One thing he has always wanted to do is go on an Elk hunt.

Brian Rosenmeier

Brian Rosenmeier - Door and Millwork Specialist

Brian, AKA Rosey has been with drexel since 2004, and has been rocking the millwork department ever since. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Cassie and trolling around the lake on their pontoon. He loves football season, even more so when the Packers win. In the summer when he's not on the lake, Brian can probably be found on the golf course filling divits.

Brian Wuerch

Brian Wuerch - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Meet Brian- always striving to be the best he can be for his family. He loves spending time with family and friends, hunting on the weekends and enjoying some venison steak. If he was a millionaire for a day he would take his family on a trip to Hawaii.

Brittany Klingbeil

Brittany Klingbeil - Accounts Receivable

Living by the motto, "Be Kind to One Another"- Brittany is excited to be a part of Team Blue! You can find her hanging out with friends and family by the pool, watching her favorite movie Due Date or cheering on the PACK!

Bruce Biller

Bruce Biller - Assistant Store Leader and Window Specialist

Caitlin Stoll

Caitlin Stoll - Happy People Department Leader

Caitlin started with Team Blue in 2012. As the leader of the Happy People Department (#Human Resources) Caitlin's main role is to keep people happy. She has a knack for recruiting and hiring team members that fit within the unique Drexel Culture. Caitlin has implemented a best in class new hire onboarding program and continues to foster the team culture with our team members well beyond the hiring process. Drexel has been ranking as a Top 10 Workplace in Wisconsin for the past 6 years, and Caitlin has been a big part of the Drexel Top Workplace environment. On a typical day you will find Caitlin searching for potential rock stars, helping build a culture of champions, and talking about her dogs.

Casey Simon

Casey Simon - Flooring Sales Specialist

Meet Casey aka Wubby-You can find him at a baseball game or golfing. Down time consists of watching "Naked and Afraid" eating peanut butter and drinking chocolate milk. If N'Sync does a reunion tour he will be all over that!

Chad Allard

Chad Allard - Residential Estimator

Chad Goebel

Chad Goebel - Residential Designer

Charlene Rogers

Charlene Rogers - Operational Team Member- Blue Ox Delivery Specialist

Meet Char- this girl will try anything at least once! She loves DIY projects and house crafts. Lasagna is one of her favorite foods and she loves the movie Gone With the Wind. She has always wanted to see the world and go skydiving!

Chase Schneider

Chase Schneider - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Chelsea Watzig

Chelsea Watzig - Team Relations Leader

Chelsea found her way to Drexel in April of 2016 - She is true to her motto "always take care of others" and when not hustling at Drexel she loves SUSHI, and a little Luke Bryan. If you want to get on her good side we've heard Peanut Butter Cups is one of her fav's - take note.

Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence - Account Manager

Chris Reilly

Chris Reilly - Account Manager

Chris Schneider

Chris Schneider - Window Specialist

Chris enjoys long walks on the beach, Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain with his wife Laura. They are expecting their first child in April 2015 and Chris can't wait to fix up their house to get ready. He also likes camping, fishing, and all sports.

Chuck Gehrt

Chuck Gehrt - Residental Estimator

Clayton Juech

Clayton Juech - Operational Team Member

Everyone meet Clayton! Takes pride in always being on time and living up to the motto, "Don't tell people to do things you wouldn't do yourself". He loves iced tea & tacos. In his free time you can find Clayton playing basketball with friends or watching the "Fast and Furious" series.

Clint Patton

Clint Patton - Account Manager

Clint is a family man. When he is not taking care of customers he would probably be found spending time with his wife or playing sports with his three boys. In the summer his family also enjoys spending time on the boat or camping.

Cody Nuernberg

Cody Nuernberg - Operational Team Member- Dispatch

Corey Disterhaft

Corey Disterhaft - Operational Team Member- Dispatch

Cory Damaschke

Cory Damaschke - Steel Specialist

Meet Cory Damaschke - Cory joined Team Blue in 2013 after working 10 years in all different fields of construction and is ready to help you tackle your next project at our Berlin location. Cory's hobbies include hanging out with his son, playing guitar, or snowboarding.

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson - Store Leader

Married to my wife Angela for 15 years. We have two Boys, Tyler (13) and Alex (10).  They love Sports and I really enjoy coaching them in Basketball and Baseball. I enjoy spending time with my family and also enjoy hiking and playing golf.  

Craig Neis

Craig Neis - Operational Team Member- Pulling Team Specialist

Curt Schmahl

Curt Schmahl - Yard Leader

Curt lives in Chilton, home of the tigers. When Curt isn't at work he enjoys fishing, hunting, and building. Curt comes from 10 years in the construction business and loves a warm M&M cookie when he relaxes at night.

Dan Christel

Dan Christel - Operational Team Member

Living by the motto, "Work Hard Play Hard"- Dan aka 'Danimal' is most passionate about family values and his faith. He loves the movie Saving Private Ryan and would most like to learn more about American History. Dan loves fishin' on the weekends and hopes to one day travel to Alaska!

Dan Evers

Dan Evers - Residential Designer

Dan bleeds blue here at Drexel! When he isn't working, he has a laundry list of activities he enjoys, including soccer, hanging out with friends, family, and cat (Little J), and traveling. He also supports many sports team, the Panthers, the Golden Gophers, and the Diamondbacks are a few of his favorites.

Dan Hall

Dan Hall - Pole Barn Specialist

Dan Nordgren

Dan Nordgren - Flooring Installer

Living by the motto, "Get Ur Done", this icecream lover is excited to start his new career here at Drexel. His favorite sport to watch is the NFL - (Packers of course) and enjoys getting a bite to eat at Applebees after a long day of hiking.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith - Commercial Sales Leader

Dan Thiem

Dan Thiem - Assistant Store Leader/Pole Barn

Dan Weir

Dan Weir - Account Manager

Meet Dan - Living by the motto, "Work Hard Play Hard". His favorite food is pizza and he loves the movie Top Gun. Dans always wanted to parasail in Hawaii, but until then he will continue enjoying sports and landscaping on the weekends.

Danielle Thimmig

Danielle Thimmig - Flooring Sales

This DIY mom likes to build homemade furniture, hang out on her parents farm, and dreams of palm trees on a Hawaiian Beach (don't we all right now)! Please join me in welcoming Danielle Thimmig to the Campbellsport location as a Flooring Sales Specialist!

Darcy Kropelin

Darcy Kropelin - Door and Millwork Specialist

Darren Ratzow

Darren Ratzow - Account Manager

Meet Darren, always living by the Golden Rule. He is very passionate about having fun with his family, and his work. You can find him spending time outdoors, on the water or going up north. Darren enjoys eating Venison and drinking some beer. The most adventurous thing he has ever done is Zip Line through the forests of Jamaica!

Darryl Vogelmann

Darryl Vogelmann - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Dave Garcia

Dave Garcia - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Dave Nanna

Dave Nanna - Account Manager

Dave Vercauteren

Dave Vercauteren - Account Manager

Dave has lived in De Pere his whole life, and literally knows everyone who walks into the store. When he's not cooking Team Blue breakfast on Saturday mornings, he likes to watch his kids play sports with his wife Cindi. Dave has been in the building industry since 1978, making him the most experienced at the Wrightstown store!

David VanDreese

David VanDreese - Roofing/Siding Specialist

Living by the motto, "Work Hard, Play Harder" - David enjoys spending time with his family and playing baseball. He is most passionate about helping others and cannot wait to start his career with Team Blue!

Dawn Phillipsen

Dawn Phillipsen - Residential Designer

Meet Dawn - living by the motto, "Family First". She loves all James Bond movies, banana malts, biking, reading & spending time with her children.

Dean Bruemmer

Dean Bruemmer - Windows Specialist

Meet Dean - Loves eating Surf & Turf, watchin' The Sound of Music, fishin' on the weekends with his wife & keepin' up with his garden. The most adventurous thing he has ever done is camp out of his car for two weeks in Canada!

Dereck Krause

Dereck Krause - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

This country-loving guy believes in "Living Life One Day at a Time". Dereck enjoys hunting while sippin' on some mountain dew in the woods. Aside from going to the dells to watch racing, he has always wanted to see Tim McGraw in concert!

Diane Bilda

Diane Bilda - Accounts Payable

Diane joined the Drexel Team in Brookfield in 2009, prior to becoming part of Team Blue she worked for Drexel Interiors for over 35 years, primarily in the accounting department. Diane has been married for 26 years to husband, Dick with one "child", Denali, an Alaskan Malamute. True to Milwaukee, Diane's favorite pastime is to hit the road with her husband on their Harley together with family and friends.

Dominic Galba

Dominic Galba - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Meet Dominic aka Dom - He loves flaming hot cheetos and hanging out with friends on the weekend. His favorite hobby is snowboarding in the Winter.

Doug Carlson

Doug Carlson - Vice President of Sales & Operations

Emily Bestul

Emily Bestul - Finance Team Leader - Commerical Projects Coordinator

Emma Disterhaft

Emma Disterhaft - Accounts Payable

Emma is super creative, outgoing, and one of very few morning people. If you need some energy on a Monday morning, just find Emma as she has plenty to go around! Growing up on a farm has made Emma appreciate and love all animals (except chickens...she hates chickens). She loves spending time outdoors, especially bow hunting whitetail. She has two fur childer- her cat Roo, and her rescue pup Wren.

Eric Beck

Eric Beck - Yard Leader

Eric Cain

Eric Cain - Merchant

Meet Eric Cain, Drexel Team Member since 2012. When not working with customers, Eric's a fan of football & golf. Desired Super Power: Invisibility

Erin Skorupa

Erin Skorupa - Accounts Receivable

Living by the motto "Don't Be Late!" Loves nachos, beer, the movie Three Amigos & of course her three children. Ever met anyone who loves SNOWGA in the Winter (yoga on snow shoes)?! Well Erin does! The most adventurous thing she's ever done is horseback ride in the desert of AZ.

Frank Gitter

Frank Gitter - Residential Estimator

Fred Eichmann

Fred Eichmann - Estimating Specialist

Meet Fred- "The more people you can make happy each day the happier you will be". His hobbies include gardening and design. He loves eatin' pizza and watchin' the movie Avatar. Freds most passionate about his wife's happiness. He has always wanted to learn how to program Java.

Garrison Hansen

Garrison Hansen - Operational Team Member

George Wendt

George Wendt - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Grant Demaa

Grant Demaa - Estimating Specialist

Living by the motto, "You only live once"- meet Grant! Loves hunting, hockey and anything car related. If you want to get on his good side, bring him a Cherry Coke and some Oreos! He has always wanted to travel to Germany and the most adventurous things he's done is snorkel in Mexico.

Greg Petermann

Greg Petermann - Residential Estimator

Hailey Rohlinger

Hailey Rohlinger - Office Assistant

Hannah Antonia

Hannah Antonia - Part Time Residential Designer

Living by the motto, "Just Do Your Best" - Hannah loves spending time with her family especially trap shooting with her dad. She loves pasta and the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Harry Baker

Harry Baker - Account Manager

Holden Serwe

Holden Serwe - Operational Team Member- Pulling Team Specialist

Holden's excited to be back with Team Blue again! Living by the motto, 'Go Big or Go Home', this guy loves snackin' on Nutella and watchin' golf. He is passionate about drawing and wants to one day be a tattoo artist!

Jackie Oelke

Jackie Oelke - Cabinetry Sales & Design Specialist

Jackie jumped on board at Drexel in 2014, bringing with her 10 years of cabinetry experience. When she steps away from making Drexel customers happy, she enjoys chasing around her 5 noisy kids, and making them home cooked meals. Jackie loves HOT weather (the hotter the better, playing volleyball, swimming & fishing. Her dream vacation is a trip to Hawaii.

Jacob Neis

Jacob Neis - Operational Team Member

Living by the motto, "Never Give Up"- Jake loves watermelon and breakfast pancakes! He is passionate about family and loves to learn new things. On the weekends you can find him spending time with his wife & two children (soon to be three). God has made the biggest impact on his life.

Jake Galaska

Jake Galaska - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Meet Jake- whether it's playing basketball, hangin' with friends, or listening to music- this guy is excited to start his new career here at Drexel. If he could splurge on one item it would be his own basketball court!

Jake Junk

Jake Junk - Campbellsport Yard Leader

Jake and his wife Liza have been married for 1.5 years and have a son Easton and a Red Lab named Brittni. They live in a 150 year old home, that is believed to be haunted When Jake isn't at work, spending time with family, or chopping wood, he is extremely passionate about turkey hunting. Jake has a goal of completing what is called the Grand Slam - harvesting all 4 north American sub-species of wild turkey with his bow. When not pursuing turkeys in the spring or fall, he enjoys fishing with his dad and other family members. Jake also likes basketball & golf, and he helps out on the Beck Farm from time to time.

Jake Voelker

Jake Voelker - Truss Specialist

Jan Rathke

Jan Rathke - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Janie Hodny

Janie Hodny - HPD/Marketing Intern

Janie started working here as an intern on May 29th 2018 to work here in the summer. She is very passionate in living her best life and to always be herself. Janie's favorite movie is Grease. Her favorite clubs in school are FBLA and Show Choir. She has been FBLA president for her Junior and Senior year. Janie would love to travel to New York City again, because she loved it so much when she was there the summer after her Sophomore year!

Jared Lindsley

Jared Lindsley - Account Manager

Jared Lukas

Jared Lukas - Operational Team Member

Meet Jared- loves anything and everything huntin' related! He has always wanted to go on a moose hunt and if he was a millionaire for a day he would elk hunt on Ted Turners ranch in Montana. Jared loves his dog Kobe and taking him hiking on the weekends. His grandpa Gus has had the biggest impact on his life.

Jared Utecht

Jared Utecht - Operational Team Member

Jared lives by the motto, "Treat others the way you want to be treated". He loves pizza, the movie Saving Private Ryan and hanging out with friends on the weekends. He is most passionate about his parents farm and has always wanted to take a Cross Country roadtrip.

Jason Strobel

Jason Strobel - Flooring Design and Sales Specialist

Jason Vanderkin

Jason Vanderkin - Operational Team Member- Dispatch

Jay Benson

Jay Benson - IT Coordinator

Meet Jay aka JJ - believes in always doing the right thing, because it's the right thing to do. Comin' all the way up from Florida, he's excited to start his career with Team Blue! Favorite movie is "The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" along with eatin' some pizza! Jay is very passionate about family and living the life God has purposed for him. One interesting fact - Outside the US Jay's favorite country is Ethiopia which he was once fluent in Amharic.

Jay Enright

Jay Enright - Account Manager

Jeff Indergand

Jeff Indergand - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Meet Jeff- Loves anything and everything of the Badgers, along with some beer and pizza! He loves camping with his wife and kids on the weekends and has always wanted to go on a Cruise. If Jeff was a millionaire for a day, he would go out for a nice meal and donate the rest.

Jeff Suprise

Jeff Suprise - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Jeff aka Soupy- excited to be apart of the Operations Team in Wrightstown. Active in the Army Reserves and has served in Afghanistan and Cuba. Loves watching football with his boys and eating some PB & J. Hunting and black coffee in the morning are two things he cannot do without!

Jen Kitzman

Jen Kitzman - Accounts Receivable Specialist

Jeremy Zimmerman

Jeremy Zimmerman - Operational Team Member- Dispatch

Jeremy started off with Drexel as the moffet driver. Now he's a part of every department we have in operations. Most of the time he is working with the dispatch crew but he still gets out and takes deliveries and works in receiving or occasionally runs dispatch. There is not a job here that he can't do even though he sometimes says he's never been professionally trained in certain departments. He is great guy to have on the Drexal team. He's always making people laugh and having fun no matter what he's doing.

Jerrod Steffes

Jerrod Steffes - Account Manager

Jessica Birschbach

Jessica Birschbach - Flooring Design & Sales Specialist

Jessica Pickett

Jessica Pickett - Flooring Design & Sales Specialist

Also known as Jessi- is a big Packers fan. If she could go anywhere on vacation it would be Italy. Her mom has been the most inspirational person in her life. No matter what is going on, she always stops what she is doing to do what's right and helps out.

Jo Miller

Jo Miller - Residential Designer

Jodi Gosse

Jodi Gosse - Cabinetry Sales & Design Specialist

Jodi has been with Drexel since 2013. She graduated with a degree in Interior Design, and has always enjoyed a career in cabinetry design. With over 11+ years of experience, she thrives on building long term relationships with her customers. Jodi and her husband have 2 amazing kids, and recently restored their own 130 year old field stone home. One of Jodi's many hobbies is hunting in Wyoming every fall, which has become a family tradition. When life slows down, Jodi would give anything for a fireplace, a cozy blanket, coffee, and a good book.

Joe Griswold

Joe Griswold - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

When Joe aka Griz isn't running or biking, you can find him doing yardwork around the house and relaxing with his family. One amenity he would add to the workplace is bring your pets to work. AWESOME! Who wouldn't want that!?

Joe Rettler

Joe Rettler - Residental Estimator

Joe VanBeek

Joe VanBeek - Commercial Estimating

Meet Joe aka 'Beek' - He loves hunting and the outdoors (has always wanted to go elk hunting). His favorite movie is Remember the Titans and he loves pizza!

Joel Fleischman

Joel Fleischman - President | Solution Provider

Joel Fleischman who has a self diagnosed case of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and has used that to fuel his life and made this negative trait into a positive life style. He is also the president and solution provider for Drexel Building Supply. You can follow him on twitter @JoelmFleischman or e-mail him at joel.fleischman@drexelteam.com. Joel does have an English degree from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, but you would never know based on his blogs. Also, he went to Panama city on Spring break three consecutive years in the early 1990s.

John Gitter

John Gitter - Operational Team Member

Meet John- Living by the motto, "No Problem". This Packers fan loves camping on the weekends and watchin' Science Fiction movies. He has always wanted to vacation to St. Thomas.

John Klein

John Klein - Cabinetry Sales & Design

John Van Beek

John Van Beek - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Celebrating his birthday the right way here at Drexel, John has joined the Cabinetry Sales and Design Team! With the motto "Let go and Let God", this Packer fan enjoys spending his Sundays grilling out with his 3 kids and wife of 15 years. Loving anything outdoors--keeping up with the yard is his fave!

John Washatko

John Washatko - Residential Designer

John grew up in Antigo, WI on a dairy farm, which also included making maple syrup in spring. About 3000 maple trees kept them busy... farming and syrup is hard work! John graduated from NCTI in Residential Design and has been designing for customers since 1983. John is extremely passionate about every project he is a part of, and says the greatest feeling is to have a customer excited about moving into their new home or addition that he was involved in designing. John and his wife Heidi have three children Lynn, Ali, and Ben. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and you'll see him golfing a few rounds as well. John gets the most enjoyment when his kids are with him for these activities.

John Wendlendt

John Wendlendt - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Enjoys watching the Packers on a Sunday and hangin' out with his family. He has always wanted a Harley and if he could meet any musician it would be Johnny Cash. Biggest influences in his life have been his mom and dad.

Johrie Hicks

Johrie Hicks - Residential Designer

Meet Johrie - living by the motto "Make It Count". She's excited to start her career with Drexel. On the weekends you can find her playing darts, hanging out by the pool or watching the movie "How to Train Your Dragon". Johrie's always up for adventure! She has visited Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Greece & Turkey along with snorkeled in Hawaii.

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Jon Lehman

Jon Lehman - The Cabinet Guy

This year (2013) Jon has achieved the 10 year milestone both professionally and personally; 10 years on the Drexel Team and 10 years of marriage to his wife Rebekah. When not spending time with their 4 children, Jon is active in his church, serves on the Valley Christian School Board and loves hunting deer and turkeys.

Jordan Dziak

Jordan Dziak - Operational Team Member

Living by the motto, "Family First" - This animal lover enjoys cooking on the weekends, keepin' up with baseball & spending time with his wife and pets. The most adventurous thing he has done is eat LIVE scorpions!

Josh Cadman

Josh Cadman - Account Manager

Josh Fell

Josh Fell - Operational Team Member- Assistant Dispatch

Josh Fettig

Josh Fettig - Flooring Installer

Meet Josh! Your meat and tators guy with an old fashion on the side. Excited to begin installing floors with Drexel! Living by the motto, "You only live once, there are no redos or resets". He loves any comedy movies, outdoor activities and spending time with his family(4 kids that keep him on his toes).

Josh Theisen

Josh Theisen - Estimating Specialist

Josh (aka T-ice) has one strong passion; family! While Josh loves everything and anything outdoors from shooting bows, hunting, & fishing, he also enjoys down time to watch Game of Thrones while drinkin' sweet ice tea with his wife, son, & soon to be--baby girl!

Judy Ehlenbeck

Judy Ehlenbeck - Roofing & Siding Specialist

Judy..aka Judster....there is hard work and energy and then there is Judy Ehlenbeck. Her days start off well before the roosters and her down time consists of the simple pleasures....family, generous acts of kindness and the occasional hoot and holler with friends. Judy is the sparkle in our finish and the strength that helped create our service levels we have today....and a hell of a cookie baker. Judy has been with Drexel since 2003. Prior to Drexel she worked for A.A. Laun Lumber beginning in 1999. Judy and her husband Jim have been married for 30 years. Together they have 3 amazing children: Justin, Jerad & Jami (twins). Have since added a wonderful daughter-in-law Mandy to the mix (Justin).

Julie Auchue

Julie Auchue - Flooring Design & Sales Specialist

Meet Julie- your all around sports gal! Packers, Badgers and even some hockey thrown in there. If she could go anywhere on vacation it would be Italy- mainly to try all the food. One thing she's always wanted in life is for her two kids to be happy- Cassie 11 and Chase 18.

Julie Korth

Julie Korth - Chief Financial Officer

Julie began her career with Drexel in 2002 as the Accounts Receivable leader. In her Journey with Drexel she has handled Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Human Resources and the Accounting. When Julie takes her Drexel Hat off, her Mom hat comes on and she spends her evenings running to various sport practices and swimming lessons. Julie's favorite time of year is Fall. She loves the crisp autumn air and a bowl full of Halloween candy

Julie Schmitz

Julie Schmitz - Inside Sales Coordinator

This spunky, fun gal carries nothing but an energetic spark around with her. She loves her dog and being outdoors, specifically in Winter when she stays busy Sturgeon Spearing! With the stress of finishing her marketing degree at Marian, there's nothing that a big slice of Veggie pizza can't fix for her.

Justin Bertram

Justin Bertram - Operational Team Member- Pulling Team Specialist

Justin DeMaa

Justin DeMaa - Residential Estimator

Justin Gahan

Justin Gahan - Operational Team Member- Dispatch

Justin Kurtz

Justin Kurtz - Operational Team Member

Meet Justin- fittin' in great already with his passion for the outdoors. Justin loves fishing, hunting, his family & snackin' on beef jerky. He has always wanted to travel to Alaska and build his dream house in the woods!

Justin Limberg

Justin Limberg - Operational Team Member- Receiving Specialist

AKA WOODY is excited to announce he is officially a Full Time Operational Team Member! He loves Brisk Ice Tea and watchin' the movie Gran Torino. His hobbies on the weekend include; riding the Harley and workin' on the tractors and trucks. Woody has always wanted to go to Nevada and find classic cars.

Justin Luft

Justin Luft - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Justin Rosenthal

Justin Rosenthal - Operational Team Member- Dispatch

Justin Spuda

Justin Spuda - Door and Millwork Specialist

Justin Trakel

Justin Trakel - Account Manager

Kari Wik

Kari Wik - Accounts Payable Leader

Karl Guenther

Karl Guenther - Operational Team Member- Blue Ox Delivery Specialist

Living by the motto, "All In and Enjoy the Ride"- meet Karl! He believes in being an asset no matter where you are. He loves fixin' things and fishin' on the weekends. The most adventurous thing hes done is go on a 200 mile Wilderness canoe trip in Canada. When relaxin' he enjoys munchin' on some popcorn and watchin' the movie Never Cry Wolf.

Karl Krause (K2)

Karl Krause (K2) - Berlin Yard Leader

Karl has been with Drexel for 8 years and has really taken advantage of Drexel's awesome ability to move positions internally. He started out as an Operations Team Member then moved to Dispatcher, and is now Berlin's Yard Leader!  He really enjoys hunting and hosting Packer, Brewer, or Badger parties at his home. Karl and his wife have 3 children and also likes camping with friends and family in their spare time.

Katie Vetter

Katie Vetter - Cabinetry Specialist

Keith Batenhorst

Keith Batenhorst - Store Leader

Keith Fullhart

Keith Fullhart - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Starting with Drexel as an Operational team-member. Keith is a give it your all kind of guy-given the nick name Full throttle. Keith is an avid Packer fan who loves to work on his 51' Chevy 3100 Pickup in his spare time. Keith is a car enthusiast to say the least.

Keith Miller

Keith Miller - Cabinetry Sales & Design Specialist

Keith Loves watching and playing sports with his 2 boys, including Baseball, Basketball, and Football. He's lived in Wisconsin his whole life, starting in New Holstein and living now in Combined Locks, making him an avid Packers and Badgers fan!

Keith Strebelinski

Keith Strebelinski - Account Manager

Meet Keith - a sport fanatic who loves watching all sports as well as coaching them! He loves snowmobiling, four wheeling, and jet skiing when he is not busy coaching football and basketball. His favorite holiday is the Fourth of July when his whole family goes on a camping trip. Keith's other favorite things include a good steak and quality time with his family!

Keith Zitlow

Keith Zitlow - Account Manager

Kevin Carlson

Kevin Carlson - Residental Estimator

Kevin Soyk

Kevin Soyk - Residential Designer | IT Coordinator

Meet Kevin - As the saying goes, "time flies when you are having fun"! Kevin started at Drexel when he was 18, and has been with the team for over 10 years. Kevin attended Moraine Park for design. Kevin is one of a few that remembers when team members parked on the street and not in the parking lot....It is crazy to think how far down the street we would be parked if we did not use the parking lot.

Kevin Zubke

Kevin Zubke - Structural Support Specialist

Living by the motto, "No excuses, only solutions" - Kevin aka 'KAZ' loves playing softball and doing construction on his time off. He's always wanted to go to Hawaii and his biggest passion is family and friends.

Krazy Karl

Krazy Karl - Operational Team Member

KRAZY KARL has been with Drexel since 2007. He works in our Operations as the Boom Operator. If you ever see him around, ask him how he got his nickname!

Kris Ballard

Kris Ballard - Cabinet Sales & Design

Kurt Dulmes

Kurt Dulmes - Account Manager

Kurt and his wife Michele have been married for over 18 years and they have two daughters. Michele and Kurt enjoy many 'date nights' each week, as their dates typically involve going to their daughters sporting events, music events or other "daughter" related activates. Kurt is actively involved in his church, and he enjoys playing bass guitar, fishing, kayaking, and getting to the gym whenever he has the time. Kurt truly enjoys the people he sees at the Kiel location every day, and the support he receives from all of Team Blue whenever needed.

Kurt Liechty

Kurt Liechty - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Meet Kurt- Comin' all the way from Indiana this Bears fan lives by the motto,"Git-R-Done". He enjoys biking, enjoying the outdoors and snackin' on some popcorn. Kurt has been in the building industry for over 30 years and is excited to begin his new career with Team Blue!

Kyle Baumann

Kyle Baumann - Operational Team Member

"Be positive because that's all" - Kyle LOVES playing football which is his biggest passion as well. On the weekends you can find him enjoying a burger, gatorade & watchin the movie "Warrior".

Kyle Gorman

Kyle Gorman - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Lana Holmes

Lana Holmes - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Meet Lana aka "Loo Loo". Living by the motto, "Don't worry, everything is going to be okay" - she is most passionate about her husband and son and making sure they are loved. She has always wanted to see the Northern Lights and the most adventurous things she's ever done is go Bungee Jumping. On the weekends you can find her crocheting.

Laura Hahn

Laura Hahn - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Lauren Parsons

Lauren Parsons - Account Manager

Linda Nitkowski

Linda Nitkowski - Cabinetry Sales & Design

left-handed, right-minded, quality rather than quantity is what really matters, absolutely cherish hanging with my family!

Lisa Stanowsky

Lisa Stanowsky - Cabinetry Sales and Design

Logan Eisch

Logan Eisch - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Living by the motto, "See Everyones Perspective". Loves playing golf, being with his family and friends, making pottery and working on cars. He can't live without his cat Dexter and has always wanted a pet squirrel.

Luke Harmon

Luke Harmon - Door and Millwork Specialist

Marcus Ninneman

Marcus Ninneman - Estimator/Structural Support Specialist

Mark Laufenberg

Mark Laufenberg - Account Manager

Mark believes in working hard and playing harder! He loves enjoying a nice steak dinner with his family at the cabin. He's hiked through the Black Hills and will one day travel to San Francisco.

Mark Sequin

Mark Sequin - Operational Team Member- Dispatch

A city boy who loves a good 18 holes of golf, Mark Sequin has joined our team as an Operational Team Member. He enjoys watching the Packers, March Madness, spending time with his 2 little girls and a delicious meal at the Red Wood Inn.

Martin Bovee

Martin Bovee - Account Manager

Matt Biesik

Matt Biesik - Sales Support

Meet Matt Bieski. He also answers to 'B' or BEEZER. Matt is the Structural Support and Customer Service Specialist at Berlin. Matt has worked in customer service most of his years, starting as a warehouse team member for Dr. Foster and Smith Pet Supply in Rhinelander, WI. So, now that you know Matt's from the north woods, I'm sure you can guess what he likes to do outside of making our customers happy...that's right, any chance Matt gets he wants to be FISHING! To go even one step further - if Matt could hold a Guinness Book World Record, he would like it to be for catching the biggest Peacock Bass. This means he would need to be fishing in South America. Have a Safe Trip Matt!

Matt Grasso

Matt Grasso - Operational Team Member- Pulling Team Specialist

Matt Kavetschanky

Matt Kavetschanky - Store Leader

Matt Pickett

Matt Pickett - Operational Team Member

Meet Matt! Excited to begin his career with Team Blue as an Operational Team Member! He loves to make people laugh, smile and enjoy life! Matt enjoys going kayaking with his family, and friends. The most adventurous thing he's done is hike up waterfalls in Hawaii and jumped off of them! Matt is passionate about treating others as you want to be treated.

Megan Rinzel

Megan Rinzel - Doors/Millwork Specialist

Megan started working for Drexel part-time in 2010. She liked the company and people so much, that she decided to become a full-time team member after graduating from college in 2013. In her spare time, Megan likes to read, spend time on her dad's farm, and play sand volleyball. She also enjoys going up north to the family cabin with her parents, 8 siblings (including her twin), and their family dog- Georgie."

Michael Sturomski

Michael Sturomski - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Michelle Engelman

Michelle Engelman - Flooring Design & Sales Specialist

Mike Bock

Mike Bock - Account Manager

Mike Heaney

Mike Heaney - Account Manager

Meet Mike - loves golfing, spending time with the family & eating PB & J here and there. He is most passionate about growing in his career and is happy to be a part of Team Blue! The most adventurous thing Mike has done is jump off a 40' cliff into the water in Nashville.

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson - Door & Millwork Specialist/Customer Support

Mike celebrated 10 years with Drexel Kiel in Feb of 2014, and when he isn't busting out Door & Millwork orders or rocking the Customer Service counter, he enjoys spending time with his family. Mike is a proud father of 2 boys, Owen and Will. This year Mike is remodeling his basement... and he has aspirations to one day build a recording studio in the space. Yes, Mike plays the guitar, and laying down a few tracks of his own would be something he'd enjoy.

Mike Lindsley

Mike Lindsley - Account Manager

Mike Miller

Mike Miller - Window Specialist

Mike Newman

Mike Newman - Window Sales Specialist

Passionate about three things; being successful, family & exercise. This outdoors guy loves boating, four wheeling & snowmobiling along with going Up North with the family. His kids have made the biggest impact on his life.

Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan - Operational Team Member- Pulling Specialist

Mike Wertel

Mike Wertel - Account Manager

Mike has been married to his wife Christy for 13 glorious years and they have two awesome boys, Nathaniel and Mason. Mike has been in the building industry since 1995 and joined Team Blue in 2013. In his free time he loves to coach his kids baseball team.

Mike Westeen

Mike Westeen - Residential Designer

Living by the motto, "Live Life to the Fullest" - Mike graduated with two design degrees and can't wait to put them to use with Drexel as a Residential Designer! He enjoys four wheeling & drawing on his free time along with a nice steak dinner. He would most like to learn about the stock market and wants to do more traveling in the future!

Mike Winchell

Mike Winchell - Operational Team Member

Meet Mike aka 'Winch'- He loves being outdoors, shooting guns & has always wanted to Halo Jump from an airplane. He loves the movie Happy Gilmore and is a huge fan of lasagna and Mt. Dew!

Mindy Berg

Mindy Berg - Accounts Receivable

Living by the motto, "Tomorrow is a new day". She loves hanging out with her family and taking her kids out to dinner - pizza or chicken nuggets, count her in! Not a fan of Justin Bieber, but at least she likes the Packers and Badgers!

Mira Thor

Mira Thor - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Natalie Briski

Natalie Briski - Commercial Cabinetry Specialist

Meet Natalie- loves anything and everything that includes being on water & outdoors! On the weekends, you will find Natalie designing and gardening flowers/veggies. She has been white water rafting and has lived in Alabama- making her a Southern girl at heart!

Nate Grinwald

Nate Grinwald - IT Contact

Nate Sippel

Nate Sippel - Yard Leader | Kiel

Nate Sippel is celebrating his 10 year anniversary with Team Blue. (2014) Nate and his wife Sarah have been married for 2 years and his family grew to 3 this past April when their daughter Stella was born. Nate spends his time away from Drexel working on the family farm. He enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, and bow hunting is his favorite season of the year.

Nate Westendorf

Nate Westendorf - Cabinet Sales & Design

New to Drexel in 2015, Nate is pumped about his decision to join Team Blue. He feels that he's in the perfect place to develop his skill set, become an expert in the field, and love his work as a Cabinetry Sales and Design Specialist. With experience in Sales and Account Management, Nate is looking forward to providing outrageous customer service for Drexel's valued partners. When he's not in the office, you'll catch Nate playing sports or cheering on.../yelling at our beloved Milwaukee Brewers from the stands in Miller Park.

Nick Damico (Rocky)

Nick Damico (Rocky) - Inside Sales Specialist

Nick Hartwell

Nick Hartwell - Operational Team Member- Receiving Specialist

Nick lives for Hunting, and Fishing. He resides in Green Bay now, but once lived in Argentina for his job. Nick also enjoys Frisbee golfing and regular golfing, basically anything outdoors.

Nick Smith

Nick Smith - Operational Team Member

Nick Starich

Nick Starich - Operational Team Member

MEET NICK - LIVING BY THE MOTTO "BE SMOOTH". He loves tacos and frozen margaritas! He is passionate about relationships with friends/family and music (would like to learn more about Digital Audio Production). He enjoys sports and getting together with friends on the weekends. Nicks favorite movie is Space Jam!

Nick Whitty

Nick Whitty - Store Leader

Nick resides in the small town of Chilton with his wife Emily and dog Tess. He enjoys hunting and can also be called Mr. Fix It. An interesting fact about Nick is that he is unable to sit pretzel legged, and can always be found with a bag of chips in his hand.

Olivia Bahn

Olivia Bahn - AP/AR Specialist

Olivia joined Team Blue in Summer 2012 as accounts receivable and then transitioned to the cabinetry team in fall of 2016. She enjoys spending time with family and her Springer Spaniel named Gracie and cannot live without her favorite food, tacos!

Paul Petri

Paul Petri - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Paul Reis

Paul Reis - Purchasing

Paul is a family man with 2 beautiful children, a great wife, enjoys a few drinks and having fun. He works out a lot and eats well. Paul has been our go to guy for lumber and the specialty items ever since him and EB realized they couldn't work together in the yard. Paul always comes to work with a smile, always worries about everyone around him, and always has his hair done nice(thanks Mary). Paul is a great Teammate and a true leader/coach for the entire Drexel Team--our buying power is in good hands with Paul. He is also a very reliable source for gum!

Renee Sixel

Renee Sixel - Accounts Receivable

Richard Koeppen

Richard Koeppen - Flooring Design & Sales Specialist

Rick Porath


A heavy metal guy at heart; this Metallica lover enjoys a good meal at a nice supper club. Rick appreciates his WISCO sports teams (Packers, Badgers, Brewers), and secretly indulges in Dark chocolate! ;)

Riley Abel

Riley Abel - Operational Team Member

Meet Riley aka Smiley - excited to be part of the Operations crew in Wrightstown! Living by the motto, "Live free & be happy". He loves going to the races on the weekend and spending time with friends and family. His favorite movie is Skyfall and he loves Nachos!

Rob Dean

Rob Dean - Window Specialist

Meet Berlin's window specialist Rob, who has been with Drexel for a whopping 17 years and counting! Rob and his wife Debbie have been together for 34 years and have two daughters and four grandkids. Rob enjoys camping and fishing in his spare time, as well as enjoying Debbie's delicious baked treats!

Rodney Felder

Rodney Felder - Account Manager

Meet Rodney aka shooter - is happy to begin his new career as an Account Manager for Team Blue! He loves golf and Nascar and is most passionate about his family. One thing he has always wanted to learn more about is the stock market and one thing he's always wanted to do is pan for gold. If Rodney was a millionaire for a day he would buy his kids a home pay schooling up front.

Roney Koenigs

Roney Koenigs - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Rush L'Huillier

Rush L'Huillier - Account Manager

Living by the motto, "Treat others how you would like to be treated" - Rush loves spending time with his two boys and working on his house. He's most passionate about being the best he can be. Nothing beats a nice steak and potatoes dinner with a big beer on the side.

Ryan Kleisner

Ryan Kleisner - Doors & Millwork Specialist

Ryan joined Drexel in May of 2013 and works in the accounting department. I live for sports: football, hockey, baseball, and basketball (in that order). I love the outdoors. When I'm not working I enjoy going up to my camp in the UP of Michigan to go hunting and fishing. I have a big family and enjoy spending time with them as well.

Ryan Michalak

Ryan Michalak - Brookfield Warehouse Leader

Ryan Ogi

Ryan Ogi - Operational Team Member- Receiving Specialist

Living by the motto "If a task is once begun, never leave it till it's done. Be the labor big or small. Do it well or not at all". You can find him doing anything sports related on the weekends or spending time with his family. He's already crossed off Skydiving from his bucket list and next is to visit Ireland.

Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers - Structural Support Specialist

Ryan has been gracing Drexel with his presence since 2014. He is originally from Davenport, Iowa, but currently resides in Appleton with his wife Kelly and two boys, Keegan and Logan. Ryan enjoys remodeling, building, and designing for fun, along with fishing.

Ryan Reitz

Ryan Reitz - Account Manager

Ryan Sprangers

Ryan Sprangers - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Meet Ryan- Big Packers fan! Loves watchin' Comedy movies on the weekends and hunting Up North. He has always wanted to go to Alaska and have a big family. His older brother has been the most inspirational person in his life.

Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone - Flooring Design & Sales Specialist

Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh - Lead Dispatcher

Ryan Zareczny

Ryan Zareczny - Operational Team Member

Sara Bruggink

Sara Bruggink - Accounts Payable

Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts - Cabinetry Sales & Design Specialist

After only being with the team for a few months, Sarah says she couldn't feel more support and drive from her amazing team members. Sarah graduated from Mount Mary University with degrees in both Business Administration and Interior Design. She looks forward to using both of her degrees to supply/offer the absolute best service possible to each of her customers! In her spare time, Sarah loves spending time with her family, friends, and her English Springer Spaniel, Bella. She also loves to travel, spending time up north at her family cabin in Manitowish Waters, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers!

Scott Eubank

Scott Eubank - Commercial Account Manager

Meet Scott- excited to start his career as a Commercial Estimator here in Campbellsport. He cannot live without the support and love from his family; wife Kay and daughter Mackenzie. Enjoys training labs for field trails and hunting tests in his free time. Previously lived in Colorado which explains why he is a big Denver Broncos fan!

Scott Riechert

Scott Riechert - Operational Team Member

Scott Rosenthal

Scott Rosenthal - Residental Estimator

Sean Mossberg

Sean Mossberg - Operational Team Member

Living by the motto, "Fall down 7 times stand up 8"- Sean loves anything and everything about FISHING. He even loves snackin' on some gold fish. Also part of the Army Reserves, Sean is a huge fan of Kip Moore, Milwaukee Bucks & Baseball.

Shawn Connell

Shawn Connell - Flooring Design & Sales Specialist

Shawn Miller

Shawn Miller - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

Meet Shawn- living by the motto, "Enjoy the Ride". Here's your all around sports guy, anything sports related count him in! He's most passionate about basketball and has always wanted to see a UNC Duke game at Chapel Hill. The most adventurous thing hes done is roadtrip to Myrtle Beach.

Sherry Arpke

Sherry Arpke - Residential Designer

Stacey Stoffel

Stacey Stoffel - Team Culture, Customer Relations, & Branding Team Leader

Stacey joined Drexel in 2010. She manages the Drexel brand image and handles the marketing decisions across all of our locations. This also includes all of Drexel's community outreach and sponsorships. Additionally, you'll find Stacey assisting our customers with their marketing initiatives, planning customer and team events, and spreading the DREXEL TEAM culture across the state of WI! When not at her desk, or checking her social media accounts you'll find her chasing her 3 kids, throwing around kettlebells at her favorite gym, or squeezing in a round of golf if she can find the time.

Steph Klotz

Steph Klotz - AP Assistant

Stephanie Konz

Stephanie Konz - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Stephanie Sotka

Stephanie Sotka - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Stephanie grew up in the UP until she moved to Wisconsin to attend St. Norbert College for Business Administration and Economics where she graduated in 2012. She now lives in Green Bay with her boyfriend Dustin - they enjoy camping, fishing, kayaking, snowboarding, anything outdoors. Stephanie loves going up to the UP to spend time with family, & hopes to either move back one day or have a cottage there. Steph stated, "I have only worked at Drexel a short time, but it already feels as if I'm part of a family here."

Steve Cuny

Steve Cuny - Residential Estimator

I have been involved in the home building industry since 1976. 1st as a home builder, then into sales and now estimating. When I'm not working I am home with my wife of 4 years Cheri and our 3 dogs Emma Lucy and Millie. Summer weekend you will find us relaxing at our camper in Door County. Together we have 4 children and 9 grand children with one more due later this summer. I enjoy smoking and grilling for family get-togethers.

Steve Hermsen

Steve Hermsen - Operational Team Member- Dispatch

Steve loves coming to work, especially when he gets to drive his motorcycle here! He loves spending time with his daughter Audrey and girlfriend Emily, who he lives with in Green Bay. He also likes traveling different places in order to fish, and dislikes the rain, snow, and cold.

Steve Herriges

Steve Herriges - Assistant Store Leader

Steve Jeffrey

Steve Jeffrey - Window Specialist

Steve Larson

Steve Larson - Door and Millwork Specialist

Steve Proctor

Steve Proctor - Residential Estimator

Meet Steve - He is passionate about running for his health, baseball and good housing for lower income families. An interesting fact about Steve, is that he was a Union Carpenter right out of High School before he went to college. On the weekends you can find him going for walks or hiking with his wife!

Steve Thielman

Steve Thielman - Kiel Store Leader

Steven Kudek

Steven Kudek - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

"If you want it go and get it!" This Badger fan- Steven aka Stevie loves spending his weekends with family and friends. He would love to be out West hunting and has always wanted a house with land in the woods. The most inspirational person in his life is his dad.

Terry Zimmerman

Terry Zimmerman - Structural Support Specialist

Tim Mulder

Tim Mulder - Account Manager

Tim Pautsch

Tim Pautsch - I Joist Specialist

Timothy Jacobson

Timothy Jacobson - Operational Team Member

Timothy Lindsley

Timothy Lindsley - Account Manager

Todd Flitter

Todd Flitter - Store Leader

Tom Locklar

Tom Locklar - Operational Team Member

Tom Rabe

Tom Rabe - Operational Team Member- Receiving Specialist

Tony Hooyman

Tony Hooyman - Flooring Coordinator

Meet Tony- loves hunting, fishing & the Packers! He enjoys eating pizza on the weekends and watching Happy Gilmore. The most adventurous thing Tony has ever done is go skydiving- next on the list is to travel to Europe! He is very thankful for his parents who have had the biggest impact on his life.

Tracy Dieckman

Tracy Dieckman - Cabinetry Sales & Design

Always living by the Golden rule - Tracy loves enjoying the outdoors with her family; hiking, biking, hunting & fishing! She loves a nice seafood dinner and glass of wine on the weekends. Tracy is most passionate about helping others better themselves.

Travis Auchtung

Travis Auchtung - Operational Team Member

Living by the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you". This guy loves woodworking and the outdoors! The most adventurous thing he has done was spent nights in the Porcupine Mountains in the middle of no where with minimum supplies. On the weekends you can find him eating pickled asparagus and sippin' on an old fashioned.

Travis Holat

Travis Holat - Structural Support Specialist

MEET TRAVIS - living by the motto "Treat others the way you want to be treated". He has always wanted to go skydiving and although he is terrified of the ocean he conquered his fear and went snorkeling! He loves snowboarding, water sports and baseball along with snackin' on some wheat thins and drinkin' milk!

Travis Malchow

Travis Malchow - Flooring Installer

Living by the motto, "Your failure creates your success in your future"- Travis loves Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and watching the movie Full Metal Jacket. His hobbies include fishing and bowling on the weekends (deep sea fishing is on his list of things to check off someday). His son has made the biggest impact on his life.

Trevor Kosciesza

Trevor Kosciesza - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

"Never give up, no matter how many times you fail". A motto that Trevor lives by. He's excited to begin his new career as an Operational Team Member. Trevor enjoys workin' out- pumpin' a little iron and watchin' a little football-Packers of course. Also enjoys jammin' to a little Led Zepplin and hanging out with his friends.

Trevor Melzer

Trevor Melzer - Operational Team Member- Dispatch

With a love of Country Music (Kip Moore) ; Trevor is a true Wisconsinite. He loves the Packers, Hunting Fishing, and Snowmobiling-Never a Dull Moment in His Life. With a nickname I've already give him as TRE-MELT (there is a story behind this) Trevor just started with Drexel as an Operational Team Member here at Campbellsport.

Trey Arentz

Trey Arentz - Operational Team Member- Delivery Specialist

"Everything happens for a reason". A motto that Trey Arentz lives by. This Packer fan has always wanted a family and can't wait to get married in August! Alaska is on his top places to visit some day and he would love to meet Eric Church or 2Pac.

Ty Lindsley

Ty Lindsley - Operational Team Member

Ty Schmidt

Ty Schmidt - Operational Team Member

Tyler Konen

Tyler Konen - Operational Team Member- Pulling Team Specialist

Living by the motto, "Sleep When I Die"- Tyler aka TK says he cannot live without the outdoors! He loves hunting with friends and family and his dream is to own his own land someday. If he could vacation anywhere it would be to Montana.

Wendy VanZeeland

Wendy VanZeeland - Accounts Payable

Will Cotter

Will Cotter - Operational Team Member- Receiving Specialist

Zach Haertl

Zach Haertl - Residential Designer

Zach Joined team blue in 2013 as our Berlin residential desinger. Born & raised in Oshkosh, WI he completed his bachelors degere at UW-Milwaukee in architectural studies.  Passionate about Architecture and design of any kind he also enjoys many outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, and traveling. Make sure to keep your brain sharp around him as im sure you will hear a great pun or two!"

Zach Marshall

Zach Marshall - Flooring Estimator

Zach lives by the motto, "It is what it is". He loves steak, tacos and the movie Coach Carter. On the weekends you can find him up north or playing sports. The most adventurous thing Zach has done is zip line through the Ecuador jungle.

Zach Matznick

Zach Matznick - Sales Coordinator

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way" - This guy is always up to learn something new! He enjoys golfing on the weekends and is most passionate about his friendships. Zach enjoys watching Happy Gilmore and eating some mexican food!