Matt Bieski

Matt Bieski - Mr. Residential Designer Structural Support Specialist

Meet Matt Bieski. He also answers to 'B' or BEEZER. Matt is the Structural Support and Customer Service Specialist at Berlin. Matt has worked in customer service most of his years, starting as a warehouse team member for Dr. Foster and Smith Pet Supply in Rhinelander, WI. So, now that you know Matt's from the north woods, I'm sure you can guess what he likes to do outside of making our customers happy...that's right, any chance Matt gets he wants to be FISHING! To go even one step further - if Matt could hold a Guinness Book World Record, he would like it to be for catching the biggest Peacock Bass. This means he would need to be fishing in South America. Have a Safe Trip Matt!

Eric Cain

Eric Cain - Door and Millwork Specialist

Meet Eric Cain, Door & Millwork Specialist in C-sport since 2012. When not working with customers, Eric's a fan of football & golf. Desired Super Power: Invisibility

Ben McCarty

Ben McCarty - Account Manager/ Pole Barn Specialist

Meet Ben McCarty. He grew up dairy farming and it evolved into an interest for the building trades. Tested the waters as a plumber, moved on to being a carpenter for 6 years. That experience in the field has lead him to Drexel Building Supply, where he enjoys connecting our customers with the best building materials and service at a great value.

Bob Westphal

Bob Westphal - Deck, Garage & Customer Service Specialist

Bob enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his wife of 33 years, Susi, and their three sons. A fun fact about Bob is that in high school Bob played drums in a country band.

Jon Lehman

Jon Lehman - The Cabinet Guy

This year (2013) Jon has achieved the 10 year milestone both professionally and personally; 10 years on the Drexel Team and 10 years of marriage to his wife Rebekah. When not spending time with their 4 children, Jon is active in his church, serves on the Valley Christian School Board and loves hunting deer and turkeys.

Kevin Soyk

Kevin Soyk - Residential Designer | IT Coordinator

Meet Kevin - As the saying goes, "time flies when you are having fun"! Kevin started at Drexel when he was 18, and has been with the team for over 10 years. Kevin attended Moraine Park for design. Kevin is one of a few that remembers when team members parked on the street and not in the parking lot....It is crazy to think how far down the street we would be parked if we did not use the parking lot.

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson - Door & Millwork Specialist/Customer Support

Mike celebrated 10 years with Drexel Kiel in Feb of 2014, and when he isn't busting out Door & Millwork orders or rocking the Customer Service counter, he enjoys spending time with his family. Mike is a proud father of 2 boys, Owen and Will. This year Mike is remodeling his basement... and he has aspirations to one day build a recording studio in the space. Yes, Mike plays the guitar, and laying down a few tracks of his own would be something he'd enjoy.

Diane Bilda

Diane Bilda - Accounts Payable

Diane joined the Drexel Team in Brookfield in 2009, prior to becoming part of Team Blue she worked for Drexel Interiors for over 35 years, primarily in the accounting department. Diane has been married for 26 years to husband, Dick with one "child", Denali, an Alaskan Malamute. True to Milwaukee, Diane's favorite pastime is to hit the road with her husband on their Harley together with family and friends.

Jake Junk

Jake Junk - Yard Leader

Jake and his wife Liza have been married for 1.5 years and have a son Easton and a Red Lab named Brittni. They live in a 150 year old home, that is believed to be haunted When Jake isn't at work, spending time with family, or chopping wood, he is extremely passionate about turkey hunting. Jake has a goal of completing what is called the Grand Slam - harvesting all 4 north American sub-species of wild turkey with his bow. When not pursuing turkeys in the spring or fall, he enjoys fishing with his dad and other family members. Jake also likes basketball & golf, and he helps out on the Beck Farm from time to time.

Adam Kramer

Adam Kramer - Account Manager

Meet Adam Kramer - He joined the Berlin team in 2001. His favorite vacation was his honeymoon in Jamaica. Adam has two adorable children. Adam goes the extra mile to work with his customers. He has the voice of an angel and always has a story to share.

Cory Damaschke

Cory Damaschke - Steel Specialist

Meet Cory Damaschke - Cory joined Team Blue in 2013 after working 10 years in all different fields of construction and is ready to help you tackle your next project at our Berlin location. Cory's hobbies include hanging out with his son, playing guitar, or snowboarding.

Nate Grinwald

Nate Grinwald - Side, Decking & Roofing Specialists

Meet Nate Grinwald - the Siding, Decking, Roofing Specialist and IT Guy! He started at our Berlin location in 2013. Nate has a vast knowledge of our materials including Trex decking. He is well versed in movie quotes and music and created the Real Lumberyard Genius. Nate is also getting married this summer! Nate's motto: Go big or go home!

Stephanie Marek

Stephanie Marek - Accounts Payable

Stephanie grew up in the UP until she moved to Wisconsin to attend St. Norbert College for Business Administration and Economics where she graduated in 2012. She now lives in Green Bay with her boyfriend Dustin - they enjoy camping, fishing, kayaking, snowboarding, anything outdoors. Stephanie loves going up to the UP to spend time with family, & hopes to either move back one day or have a cottage there. Steph stated, "I have only worked at Drexel a short time, but it already feels as if I'm part of a family here."

DuWayne Schliepp

DuWayne Schliepp - Receiving Specialist

Dewey has worked for Drexel in Berlin since 1999. He worked here 15 years before that with the previous owners. Working outside the walls is a must! Dewey just celebrated his 39th wedding anniversary! He has one son, born in 1979. Dewey has one granddaughter (4 years old) and one grandson (3 years old). Being with his grandchildren almost every day is his passion. His favorite hobby is astronomy and he is currently repairing his own private observatory. He has also begun construction on a 900 sq. ft. greenhouse to accommodate recent conversion to a vegetarian! (he wishes he would have converted decades ago) Dewey also loves German wheat beer thanks to his son and Mr. Karl!

Nick Damico (Rocky)

Nick Damico (Rocky) - Operations Team

Nick, his wife Erin & dog Lulu just moved to Germantown a few months ago. When not at work he enjoys watching/playing sports, enjoying the summer while playing any yard game you can think of, and going fishing when he has the time. Nick also enjoys relaxing & watching tons of TV. He reminds us it's always Packer season!

Stacey Stoffel

Stacey Stoffel - Team Culture, Customer Relations, & Branding Team Leader

Stacey joined Drexel in 2010. She manages the Drexel brand image and handles the marketing decisions across all of our locations. This also includes all of Drexel's community outreach and sponsorships. Additionally, you'll find Stacey assisting our customers with their marketing initiatives, planning customer and team events, and spreading the DREXEL TEAM culture across the state of WI! When not at her desk, or checking her social media accounts you'll find her chasing her 3 kids, throwing around kettlebells at her favorite gym, or squeezing in a round of golf if she can find the time.

Caitlin Leu

Caitlin Leu - Happier People Department Leader

Caitlin started with Team Blue in 2012. As the leader of the Happier People Department (#Human Resources) Caitlin's main role here is to keep people happy. Most of the happiness she provides comes from her dry sense of humor and the benefit coordinating. On a typical day you will find Caitlin searching for potential rockstars, helping build a culture of champions, and talking about her dogs. Caitlin is a real Wisonsinite, she loves Winter and being outdoors with her two "fur" kids, Peter and Gerry.

Julie Korth

Julie Korth - Financial Controller

Julie began her career with Drexel in 2002 as the Accounts Receivable leader. In her Journey with Drexel she has handled Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Human Resources and the Accounting. When Julie takes her Drexel Hat off, her Mom hat comes on and she spends her evenings running to various sport practices and swimming lessons. Julie's favorite time of year is Fall. She loves the crisp autumn air and a bowl full of Halloween candy

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Joel Fleischman

Joel Fleischman - President | Solution Provider

Joel Fleischman who has a self diagnosed case of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and has used that to fuel his life and made this negative trait into a positive life style. He is also the president and solution provider for Drexel Building Supply. You can follow him on twitter @JoelmFleischman or e-mail him at joel.fleischman@drexelteam.com. Joel does have an English degree from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, but you would never know based on his blogs. Also, he went to Panama city on Spring break three consecutive years in the early 1990s.

Nate Sippel

Nate Sippel - Yard Leader | Kiel

Nate Sippel is celebrating his 10 year anniversary with Team Blue. (2014) Nate and his wife Sarah have been married for 2 years and his family grew to 3 this past April when their daughter Stella was born. Nate spends his time away from Drexel working on the family farm. He enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, and bow hunting is his favorite season of the year.

Ryan Kleisner

Ryan Kleisner - Accounting & Purchasing

Ryan joined Drexel in May of 2013 and works in the accounting department. I live for sports: football, hockey, baseball, and basketball (in that order). I love the outdoors. When I'm not working I enjoy going up to my camp in the UP of Michigan to go hunting and fishing. I have a big family and enjoy spending time with them as well.

Jodi Gosse

Jodi Gosse - Cabinetry Sales & Design Specialist

Jodi has been with Drexel since 2013. She graduated with a degree in Interior Design, and has always enjoyed a career in cabinetry design. With over 11+ years of experience, she thrives on building long term relationships with her customers. Jodi and her husband have 2 amazing kids, and recently restored their own 130 year old field stone home. One of Jodi's many hobbies is hunting in Wyoming every fall, which has become a family tradition. When life slows down, Jodi would give anything for a fireplace, a cozy blanket, coffee, and a good book.

Jackie Oelke

Jackie Oelke - Cabinetry Sales & Design Specialist

Jackie jumped on board at Drexel in 2014, bringing with her 10 years of cabinetry experience. When she steps away from making Drexel customers happy, she enjoys chasing around her 5 noisy kids, and making them home cooked meals. Jackie loves HOT weather (the hotter the better, playing volleyball, swimming & fishing. Her dream vacation is a trip to Hawaii.

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Beth Pautsch

Beth Pautsch - Vice President Cabinetry Sales

Beth oversees and supports our entire cabinetry team by being their "backup", "mathematician", and "second opinion" when needed. Beth has over 30 years of experience, bringing her extensive product knowledge, sales experience, and leadership ability to all of our locations. Beth finds humor in obscure facts, beauty in pretty rocks, peace in watching soaring birds, comfort in warm soup, joy in vacations, and love in family.

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Doug Carlson

Doug Carlson - Vice President of Sales & Operations

Kurt Dulmes

Kurt Dulmes - Account Manager

Kurt and his wife Michele have been married for over 18 years and they have two daughters. Michele and Kurt enjoy many 'date nights' each week, as their dates typically involve going to their daughters sporting events, music events or other "daughter" related activates. Kurt is actively involved in his church, and he enjoys playing bass guitar, fishing, kayaking, and getting to the gym whenever he has the time. Kurt truly enjoys the people he sees at the Kiel location every day, and the support he receives from all of Team Blue whenever needed.

Becky Radue

Becky Radue - Cabinetry Sales & Design Specialist

Becky joined the Drexel Team in 2008, but has been in the building industry for over 16 years. She came to Drexel with an interior design degree, and grew up knowing she wanted to be in the field of design. Becky's favorite part of her job is building relationships with each homeowner to make their buying experience extremely enjoyable for them. When not at Drexel, Becky loves spending time with friends and family...most particularly around a campfire or traveling.

Alex Steiner

Alex Steiner - Siding, Roofing and Decking Specialist

Alex joined Team Blue in 2013, where he began as an Operations Team Member. He now specializes in siding, roofing, and decking. Alex lives in Neenah with his girlfriend Mackenzie and dog Nala. He loves trying new things, like playing volleyball on the Wrightstown summer league with fellow Drexel team members!

Chris Schneider

Chris Schneider - Window Specialist

Chris enjoys long walks on the beach, Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain with his wife Laura. They are expecting their first child in April 2015 and Chris can't wait to fix up their house to get ready. He also likes camping, fishing, and all sports.

Brad Groebner

Brad Groebner - Account Manager

Brad was born and raised in Minnesota, but traveled east to attend college at Riverfalls. He then moved to Appleton to chase his now wife of 21 years Candice. They have a beautiful 17 year old daughter, Emily. Brad enjoys downhill and cross country skiing, along with canoeing.

Mike Wertel

Mike Wertel - Account Manager

Mike has been married to his wife Christy for 13 glorious years and they have two awesome boys, Nathaniel and Mason. Mike has been in the building industry since 1995 and joined Team Blue in 2013. In his free time he loves to coach his kids baseball team.

Alicia Doerr

Alicia Doerr - Accounts Receivable

Alicia resides in the small town of Kaukauna with her husband Jacob and step-daughter, Elizabeth. When she isn't crunching numbers for Team Blue, she enjoys crafting, taking her dog, Mya, for walks and anything outdoors, especially visiting wineries.

Judy Ehlenbeck

Judy Ehlenbeck - Accounts Payable

Judy..aka Judster....there is hard work and energy and then there is Judy Ehlenbeck. Her days start off well before the roosters and her down time consists of the simple pleasures....family, generous acts of kindness and the occasional hoot and holler with friends. Judy is the sparkle in our finish and the strength that helped create our service levels we have today....and a hell of a cookie baker. Judy has been with Drexel since 2003. Prior to Drexel she worked for A.A. Laun Lumber beginning in 1999. Judy and her husband Jim have been married for 30 years. Together they have 3 amazing children: Justin, Jerad & Jami (twins). Have since added a wonderful daughter-in-law Mandy to the mix (Justin).