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Supplied. Happiness.

Supplied. Happiness. Our mission at Drexel is to Supply. Happiness. - and these are actual written letters sent to our team documenting our mission. True stories of how we Supplied. Happiness. These are all unsolicited and real experiences. We are so thankful (and proud) to have community members and customers that share their feedback with us along our journey together. We of course are not perfect, we make mistakes. But we will do everything we can when a mistake happens to fix it. We could go on all day about Drexel and our mission, but why take it from us, learn about us from how we have Supplied. Happiness. to others..

Of the Expos that I have attended, this was by far the most productive of the three. Kevin and I were busy the entire time and had the opportunity to talk to both prospects and interface with some current customers. The size of the crowd was not only bigger than previous years but people wanted to "talk windows ". Your organization does everything first class, with attention being given to each and every detail. For me, it is also helpful to get the chance to meet and talk with people from your branches. Overall the execution of the event seemed to me to be flawless. We value our partnership and look forward to a mutually beneficial year.

- Jerry at Midway Windows , - February 2018

Hi Stephanie, I cannot even tell you the feeling I had when I saw the cabinets....they are PERFECT!!! After so much back and forth, I could not be happier with how they look. I am so glad that we stumbled up on the Knotty Alder look, it is exactly what I wanted. I am looking so forward to all of the doors and hardware to get pulled together too. Thank you for your patience in doing all of the selections, it is coming together even better than what I thought it would. THANK YOU!

- Stacy Dippel , - February 2018

Just wanted to take a couple minutes of your time to share our appreciation with you for the "above and beyond" service that we received today at our local Drexel Building Supply in little Berlin WI. Here we were in conversation with "The Cabinet Guy" looking at hardware and counter-top options etc etc. for our new home. We also had a question on our overall house plan regarding window sizes in the lower level and last but not least, we needed a couple of additional plans printed. Well little did we know that the store had already closed 1/2 hour ago and here we are taking our time "browsing" through options. It wasn't until we went into the other part of the building to look at the window displays that we saw that the lights have been turned off and everyone else was gone. Well that didn't deter our Cabinet Guy. He not only turned the lights back on but also fired-up the printer, found our house plans folder, printed off additional copies, answered our window questions and to top it off gave us great counter-top options. Of course all the while assuring us that this was no inconvenience even though it was his and his families Saturday too. That is the purpose of this communication. To let you know that Jon Lehman represented your Company and himself not only in his usual expert professional manner but went out of his way to address this Customer's needs all the while assuring us that is was no bother what so ever. Hats Off to Jon and his #1 Customer Service!

- Pam & Bob Collins , - February 2018

I want to take a minute to let you know that both Thursday and Friday were amazing. We were very busy at our booth and your people brought us key builders to meet (how fun). What a well orchestrated event. All of your customers were clearly very happy and excited to attend. One thing that really sticks out for me is your ability to attract, employ, and keep high quality enthusiastic YOUNG people. I really think you guys are raising the bar in our industry. We love being part of the Drexel Experience. Thank you for your outstanding support and professional ways.

- Kevin Freund , - February 2018
Kewaskum Community Pantry


- Kewaskum Community Pantry , - January 2018
The Kellys


- The Kellys , - January 2018

On Sunday, my husband was going to go help out a customer. Shane is so beyond busy and booked up right now, but this lady's husband has really bad knees and and was having to sit down on his butt and go down the stairs, to get to the downstairs shower. Shane Millard loaded up some tools that he might possibly need Sunday morning, in the back of his truck, so that after my son's Christmas play at church, he could go help these people out. While at church, his DeWalt air compressor and a Paslode nail gun was stolen out of the back of his truck. Here he was going to help others in need, but instead had someone steal his stuff. He was so mad!! Our insurance said they would not cover it, because they were not secured and no forced entry of the truck. Now jump to yesterday... Drexel Building Supply is his provider, for all building materials. They came out to the job site that Shane is working on... and brought him a BRAND NEW AIR COMPRESSOR!!!... and told him a NEW PASLODE GUN was on its way to him!!!! What a blessing Drexel Building Supply is to us!! We appreciate them!!

- Jenny Millard , - December 2017
Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation


- Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation , - November 2017
CFD Auxillary Members


- CFD Auxillary Members , - November 2017

Hi John, Thank you for all your help. I LOVE my kitchen. You and Danielle were so great to work with. I hope your Holidays are great.

- Sandy Behlen , - November 2017