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Supplied. Happiness.

Supplied. Happiness. Our mission at Drexel is to Supply. Happiness. - and these are actual written letters sent to our team documenting our mission. True stories of how we Supplied. Happiness. These are all unsolicited and real experiences. We are so thankful (and proud) to have community members and customers that share their feedback with us along our journey together. We of course are not perfect, we make mistakes. But we will do everything we can when a mistake happens to fix it. We could go on all day about Drexel and our mission, but why take it from us, learn about us from how we have Supplied. Happiness. to others..

Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation


- Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation , - November 2017
CFD Auxillary Members


- CFD Auxillary Members , - November 2017

Hi John, Thank you for all your help. I LOVE my kitchen. You and Danielle were so great to work with. I hope your Holidays are great.

- Sandy Behlen , - November 2017

Hi Steve, Thank you for hosting the Tech Ed Tool presentation on Tuesday. It was a nice event and valuable partnerships were created. We appreciate everything you do for MSHBA! Have a great weekend!

- Tena Hartwig , - November 2017

Wanted to thank you for your help and let you know that Jim the window repair man was here today and took care of problems and was a very nice guy. I very much appreciate Drexel's help and support as this project meant very much to me. I will share these thoughts with any persons I meet! Thanks again.

- John Prinsen , - November 2017
Military Headquarters


- Military Headquarters , - October 2017

Good morning, Joel! I would like to share a story with you from last night at the Piggly Wiggly here in town. I was in line to check out and we forgot to check out my cases of water. I got back in line then at the service counter. There was one woman that I was talking to and to the right of me was this nice gentleman in his Drexel blue hat and sweatshirt. He heard me say to the woman that I didn't want to be late getting my daughter from daycare. He said, "mam...are you in a rush?" I hesitated because I would not ever normally say yes, but I did say, "yes, I have to pick my daughter up by 6pm and it is 5:55pm now". He said, "well, mam, go before me then. I am not in a rush.". The woman in front of us was done and he told the cashier I was next. I turned and thanked him immensely for his generosity and thoughtfulness. This warmed my heart. Now days no one seems to care about anyone but themselves and to know that a younger gentleman was this considerate about me and my time & family and even more proud to see that he was from a local business that prides themselves on core values. This gentleman carries these core values into his everyday life as well and it is awesome to see and experience. I wish I would have gotten his name. He had a little bit of an accent and was probably about 5' 6" or so. Very polite! I know we all hear enough of the bad things going on in this world that I wanted to share this positive experience with you this fine Friday morning! If I don't talk to you again, Happy Thanksgiving to the Drexel & Fleishman Families! We all have so much to be thankful for.

- Stephanie Gruber , - November 2017
Eden Lions Club


- Eden Lions Club , - October 2017
Dundee Mill & Park


- Dundee Mill & Park , - October 2017

Enclosed are the pictures of our finished, beautiful, awesome, fantabulous bathroom. Tom and I are so pleased with the outcome. We are so appreciative of all the hard work done by "ALL" involved in making our bathroom possible. From the staff at Drexel's, to the contractors, designers and our main contractor, Andy Loose. Awesome team work, it paid off.

- Thomas Lambrecht , - October 2017