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Supplied. Happiness.

Supplied. Happiness. Our mission at Drexel is to Supply. Happiness. - and these are actual written letters sent to our team documenting our mission. True stories of how we Supplied. Happiness. These are all unsolicited and real experiences. We are so thankful (and proud) to have community members and customers that share their feedback with us along our journey together. We of course are not perfect, we make mistakes. But we will do everything we can when a mistake happens to fix it. We could go on all day about Drexel and our mission, but why take it from us, learn about us from how we have Supplied. Happiness. to others..

United Christian Church


- United Christian Church , - July 2017
Marching for Macey


- Marching for Macey , - July 2017
Greenleaf Fire Department


- Greenleaf Fire Department , - July 2017
St. John Luthern Church & School


- St. John Luthern Church & School , - July 2017
West Bend School District


- West Bend School District , - July 2017
Latham Christian Camping


- Latham Christian Camping , - July 2017

Today I need to let you know of a recent positive experience with your staff and team. I had a "foggy" kitchen window and while I knew I should take it up with our contractor, he has been sick and I really did not want to add to his already stressful situation with my problem window. I called Todd Flitter and left a message. He returned my call extremely quick and had my problem resolved within a very short time. The window guy called and ordered a new window based on the photos I sent him and your repair man came on the day and time we agreed on to install the new product. Seeing as I crabbed in an earlier correspondence, I feel I should offer my thanks on a well performed service! Hope you enjoyed this awesome weather weekend! Again, kudos!

- Mary Kudos , - July 2017

I was over to your store on 7/19 to pay for something I wasn't charged for and you gave me a hat and gift certificate "for being so honest." I just wanted to say again, that it wasn't necessary for you to do that and I wasn't expecting (nor wanting) anything in return. I will be recommending your store to friends and family. Thank you for being such nice people.

- Ron Halbach , - July 2017

Drexel Building Supply, With all respect, I'd like to sincerely thank you for the generosity you shared with our company by sending me on the Canada fishing trip. In honor of Steffes Builders Inc., I am gratefully thanking you for the food, fishing, lodging, cost of travels, and last but not least the drinks! It was a relaxing, fun, and enjoyable trip. My apologies for getting this appreciation letter out so late. Again, thank you for your kindness.

- Al - Steffes Builders , - July 2017


- June 2017