Raving Fans

We appreciate Lauren Stewart's expertise and organization. It was a pleasure to work with her and Drexel because when our order was not right you put the customer first and took care of it. We've worked with you 4 times - no complaints!

- Anonymous , - March 2014

We are so happy with our new floor! John and Steve did an excellent job! Shawn did too!

- Constantine Foundos , - March 2014

We absolutely loved the experience with Pat and the installers. This was our second purchase and will do the basement next!

- Anonymous , - March 2014
Jerrold & Jane Steffes

Thank you note

- Jerrold & Jane Steffes , - March 2014

Thank you again for all you donated for our Annual Golf Outing. We raised $3100.00 to be donated to the Wild Cats Football and the CAA

- Sandpiper Ann , - March 2014

Jenny, I wanted to let you know that the kitchen cabinets and the quartz countertops that you helped us pick out are absolutely beautiful! I certainly needed some guidance in putting together a whole new kitchen and your product knowledge and sense of style were priceless. Your suggestions to make the kitchen and bathrooms more accessible to Denny and his wheelchair have made his life much easier. I will let you know when we are a little more organized so you can stop in see for yourself. Thanks so much,

- Susan and Denny Jackowski , - March 2014

Tim and Steve, It was great seeing you and the rest of The Drexel Team today. It was a pleasure to have been invited and to attend the event. I took a lot of information home for our company and partnership with Drexel. I wanted to take a moment to share just how incredible the attic venting session was. I have to say I think it was the best 60 minutes of education I have had in my life. Seriously - the information was great, the presenter was entertaining while sharing a wealth of knowledge. I personally thanked him when I saw him later in the day. Attic venting best practices has been on my to do list for years, as this is one area of construction that no one sub really owns or knows much about. Architect has a few soffit notes and at best one little section - lumber yard provides cor-vent - carpenters nail cor-vent up and cuts some slot in the ridge - roofer puts up ridge vent with no calculations - insulator blows the attic ----- Project manager prays it all works out! Needless to say, that is why it has been on my to do list. After today, I now consider myself an expert on the topic. Well, maybe not an expert but comfortable to manage the process with confidence. Thanks again,

- Kurt Romsos , - March 2014

Hi Doug- I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful evening. I really appreciate being included on such an awesome event. It was so nice to meet and greet other people in our field. Drexel really knows how to put on a great dinner and show!! Have a wonderful week. Sincerely,

- Susan Nicholson , - March 2014

Great Party everyone!!!! Seriously what a great group of people. Your company is the best I truly mean that. All of you are so instrumental in our success and for that I am so thankful. Great job Team Blue be proud of who you are there isn't a company out there I would rather be associated with!!!!!!

- Daryl Prusow , - March 2014

Thank you guys again for the show on Friday, the classes and the show were good. You have classy people working with your team and they made sure things were done right for your guests. Thank you

- Cory Pollesch , - March 2014