Raving Fans

Raving Fans: A satisfied customer is not nearly good enough. Our goal is for you to be a raving fan. Below are actual written letters sent to our team. These are all unsolicited and real experiences. We are so thankful (and proud) to have clients that share their feedback with us along our journey together. We of course are not perfect, we make mistakes. But we will do everything we can when a mistake happens to fix it. Our Team is the best in the industry, trained to be industry experts, and to handle clients on a world class level. We could go on all day about Drexel and what we strive to do, but why take it from us, learn about us from our raving fans below.

They did every floor in the entire house. They were absolutely outstanding. We had them do not only carpets but fiberglass flooring which got a little padding in. They were so good. We started with the office I'm sitting in right now and the family room. We had them back for the living room and then we had them back for three bedrooms. We had them back for the kitchen and hallway. We gave them a lot of business and we just thought they were outstanding. We have a 2,500 square foot house. They either do carpet or floor. They were so good, I had them do my entire parents' 3,000 square foot condo. I like the quality, price, and workmanship. Its not only the quality of the product but the way they installed it. Its newer and better than just vinyl flooring. Its a quarter inch thick and its got fiberglass in it. I can press in on it and it would actually come back out again. Its got little padding and they were built right in. They got six rooms carpeted and then three rooms we had them put in vinyl flooring.

- David Lewinski , - May 2015

Burning the candle on a Friday night - awesome stuff! You guys seriously know how to increase market share. I do not get service even close to what Lauren and her team (Mike Miller this time) have been giving us from your competition. It is very refreshing to see this type of service one step up the construction supply food chain - very rare that it is not only this good but this consistent. Some others might try to "woo" us in short spurts but cannot keep pace with the hare! Thanks again and have a great weekend.

- Jake Wenger , - May 2015
Brent Schneider

I absolutely love the trim'n time window trim system :-)

- Brent Schneider , - May 2015

I got your message, and the installers were here on time, very pleasant, and did a very nice job. We really liked the way it turned out, although Quartz for same price would have been fun too. I want to thank you for all of your help... you have been awesome!

- Katie Hamme , - May 2015

I am delighted with the design you came up with. You really listened to what I wanted and needed and you had great suggestions. I will sing your praises to anyone who's looking to create a new kitchen!

- Peggy Wiedmeyer , - May 2015
David Bronson

Attached is a picture of the Testwuide kitchen. Thanks again for all of your help with this project. It really turned out great and gave me a better understanding of just how well you can customize a project with Dura Supreme Cabinets. They are high quality cabinets and great to work with, and your expertise really made all of the difference in pulling this remodel from concept to reality.

- David Bronson , - May 2015
Carl Seidler


- Carl Seidler , - May 2015
The Eden PTO


- The Eden PTO , - May 2015
Penny Huitema-Ostrander


- Penny Huitema-Ostrander , - May 2015
Tim & Susan Eng


- Tim & Susan Eng , - May 2015