Raving Fans

Raving Fans: A satisfied customer is not nearly good enough. Our goal is for you to be a raving fan. Below are actual written letters sent to our team. These are all unsolicited and real experiences. We are so thankful (and proud) to have clients that share their feedback with us along our journey together. We of course are not perfect, we make mistakes. But we will do everything we can when a mistake happens to fix it. Our Team is the best in the industry, trained to be industry experts, and to handle clients on a world class level. We could go on all day about Drexel and what we strive to do, but why take it from us, learn about us from our raving fans below.


- December 2014

Subject: American Legion Grand Opening The guys are so incredibly proud of their post and thankful for all the work you did and your gracious and selfless giving of time and or materials. Without you and your being a part of this project I don't know if we could have made it happen. Together we made something they only ever dreamed about and made it come true. They would like to thank you for all your hard work and donation personally. Feel free to come at whatever time suits you best and introduce yourselves.

- Anna Burns , - November 2014
Chelsea Harley

Hi Steve, Thank you for all of your help in preparing/processing the lumber order for A.G.E.S! We put it to good use, attached are some photos. I wanted to thank you for your donation. Please contact me if you need any information regarding the sanctuary.

- Chelsea Harley , - November 2014

Thank you very much, Ryan...you are a great salesman. You listened, you offered several options, you are knowledgeable, you are quick to respond and you are patient!

- Laura Beaudoin

Thanks so much for spending the time with us today. I want you to know that Drexel is half of why we chose to go with our builder to build our home.

- Daniel Push , - November 2014

Hi Stephanie, We finally got our laundry room cabinets installed yesterday. I still have to pick out hardware, but have attached a photo for you to see. I think they turned out great! Thanks for your help putting this all together :)

- Michelle Burdt , - December 2014

My daughter-in-law, Lori and I were in Brookfield at the Drexel store yesterday choosing items for the new cottage we are building. We had a very pleasant experience while shopping there. Everyone who helped us in each of the departments was very knowledgeable in his/her area and explained everything very well. We both commented on the way back to Columbus how pleased we were to have chosen your store to come to. Thank you for making it a good experience.

- Evelyn McNulty , - November 2014

Hi Lauren, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciated the driver's (Craig) willingness to work with us in less than great conditions. We had been hoping that the landscaper would let us use his on-site forklift in order to move the pallet onto the truck, but when he wasn't willing to, Craig really stepped up to the plate in helping me hand load his truck and get the pallet broken down and off-site. I wanted you and the rest of your team over there to know that he really stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park on customer service today. Thanks

- Jake Cauley , - November 2014

Hi Renee/Beckster- . Drexel is fortunate to have the two of you as representatives of their company! Whenever we can we will recommend Drexel and its my hope that you bring people to showcase your work because if you do it not only helps your company but then we get to see the two of you again!

- Dave Schneider , - November 2014

Joel, really impressed with the service received at Drexel recently. Rick and I wanted to purchase quartz countertops. Immediately walking into the store, someone welcomed us and we had service. My kind of shopping having someone assist us immediately!

- shirley straub , - November 2014