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Property Management

At Drexel we have a team and the resources available to provide you with and economic value beyond our competition. 
Our Flooring Team in Brookfield handles several Property Management Accounts throughout the greater Milwaukee area.

Below are some of the services we offer:

  • The the need arise, we can turn flooring projects within 48 hours
  • We feature and stock flooring with some of the news technology in carpet fibers - bleeches can't harm it
  • Having the right carpet at a great value in your units will give you MORE turns out of each unit
  • Emergencies to you, mean Emergenices to Drexel.  We are there for you around the clock, our commerical sales team are available via smartphone and text at all hours
  • Drexel stocks over 40,000 yards of carpet dedicated to the property managment family of customers

Tamko Shingles - Putting $ On Your Bottom Line

Drexel stocks 5 popular TAMKO Heritage Shingle Colors - which means low lead times, no restock fee's, and quick order turn around. Let's not stop there, as you'll see it really does PAY to compare our Tamko Shingles with others in the market.

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Tip of the Week

Typical custom home design plans can take an average of 6 weeks to complete, be sure to build ample time into your build timeline for home design.