A group of our Team Blue Estimators are utilizing the most advanced electronic estimating software on the market. PlanSwift Estimating Software allows us to do on screen takeoffs to provide our customers with quicker estimates while continuing to provide astounding accuracy.

Estimating Software Advantages:

• Extremely customizable & powerful. The software can be customized to suit each builder�s exact needs

• Saves $ on gas, printing, and shipping costs. No more driving to drop off plans.. just e-mail them

• Customized for "BLUE TEAM" with seamless integration with our pricing software

• Go Green! Go Paperless! It's faster, and more environmentally friendly.

• After extensive research, we determined that PlanSwift is the best estimating software product on the market, which is why it was selected

• Commercial construction capabilities

• Astounding accuracy, as it creates an audit trail while doing take-offs... if it�s colored, its counted!

• Our estimators can estimate 10X as fast using PlanSwift vs. traditional methods (ruler & highlighter)

• Custom scales

• Generates cut lists and labels for headers/rafters

Controlling Floor Vibration

This article was shared on LinkedIn via a Structural Components Group. It's a great read. Written By Tomo Tsuda & Frank Woeste

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Trex's finished decking product is comprised of 95% post-consumer waste i.e. plastic bags, cabinet manufacture cut offs, & sawdust