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Choosing cabinets can be an overwhelming undertaking, and once style is determined, there is still more to figure out.  This includes construction, length of warranty desired, as well as storage solutions and hardware accessories.
Drexel's professional sales and design team can answer many of your questions upfront, offer ideas you may not have thought of, and help you find economical solutions for your new home or remodel project.

The Hideout

Have you ever considered creating a secret space within your home? Our team at Drexel can work with your contractor to design cabinetry that can truly create the "secret space" you may be dreaming of. Challenge: This homeowner wanted to finish off their basement to incorporate a bar room and a hidden room. Solution: Our Cabinetry Team designed a wall of bookcases, installing hinges on a section of the cabinets to create a swinging door that opens to the hidden room. Guests having a beverage at their bar will have no idea there is a room behind those books!...

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Complicated and complex costs more money, time, energy and effort. Simple is powerful.